Art as Protest


Art as Protest

Tate Britain


What is the SOCPA Law?
Investigate ideas of citizenship, democracy, laws and civil liberty with artist Tracey Moberly and comedian/activist Mark Thomas. Research, plan and stage an umbrella protest on issues which concern individuals and the wider community. The process will be recorded via audio, video, and photography.

Hidden text/Real words
The project aims give experience of research, creating art with different mediums to interpret ideas using Tate Britain Collection, exhibition, displays and archive as a source to look at art and their life experiences from a different perspective. The themes of the project will be radicalism, dissent and freedom expression. Looking at how words, typography and contemporary art are used as a form of conveying socially and politically engaged ideas. The project aims to give the young people an opportunity to explore and express their opinions and experiences through art. The young people will gain confidence in research processes, practical creation of work and understanding British Art in (and beyond) the Tate Collection. They will engage in discussions and develop their own visual language relevant to their social and cultural experiences. Working with and researching contemporary artists will be central to their development working processes and content of the work.

The project will explore research and focus on the role of hidden meaning, secret language, and symbolism adopted by artists to express their true thoughts about their social and political circumstance.