Art Bid 4 Ken

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Participating artists:
* ann-marie lequesne
* antony gormley
* banksy
* billy childish
* bob and roberta smith
* catherine yass
* chris orr
* colin mcmaster
* geraldine swayne
* james boswell
* james cauty
* jamie reid
* jeremy deller
* jo wonder
* marc quinn
* mark hammond
* michael peel
* mona hatoum
* not banksy
* olivier richon
* peter kalkhof
* peter kennard and cat picton phillipps
* pure evil
* ralph steadman
* richard hamilton
* richard niman
* STOT21stCplanB
* sarah jones
* simon thompson
* the assistant
* tracey moberly

"Art is always political - at the least it is an expression of personal freedom but if it asks pertinent questions it can also change the way we see and relate to others and the world. The potential to make and experience art is a basic human need - it should be a right."
Antony Gormley

"London is a city where the arts flourish. Artists in all fields make a central contribution to how we see our city and our society as a whole, and I am delighted that so many fantastic artists are willing to contribute in this practical way to helping keep London on a progressive and forward-thinking path."
Ken Livingstone

The auction is a fund-raising event to help re-elect Ken Livingstone as Mayor of London. It is also a measure of many artists support for the cultural achievements of his administration. All money raised will go towards helping Ken's bid to be re elected as Mayor.

"We each have a bullet with our name written on.."

by Tracey Moberly

The actual silver Bullets are made in support of gun amnesty and street crime since 2008. Owning your bullet supports your views on gun amnesty & regard for your own and others lives by safe guarding your bullet with your name engraved into it ...

The project takes on a number of strands, working both with political warring factions in countries, and the social politics which surround gangland warfare. Bullets are used as casts for the amnesty. Usually extracted or used bullets form the cast for the bullet relative to the area or grouping of people who are forming the amnesty. Working with various art projects, photographic exhibitions, meetings such as club nights, bands playing, talks with specific experts within the field from noteable ex- football hooligans to political and social leaders turn the bullet artwork into a wider event delivering information on facts and figures and help.

Another premise of the bullet project is working with street gangs. Bringing about a number of workshops where gang members produce work together for their community through multidisciplinary techniques - from making bricks that make buildings to glass and ceramic mosaic that cover large areas of the place they live.

The project "We each have a bullet with our name written..." was selected as part of a programme in Chechnya. It has also been used in two campaigns by and for the former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone on London gang warfare amnesty, and has also been a pivotal project in Manchester with the police and in setting up peer educating groups on anti drug campaigns for gangs and youth in the area.

size: 333mm
medium: Silver, hallmarked (hallmark includes artist's initials TM)

The bullet comes with 32" long chain and can be engraved either with name of purchaser or Ken Livingstone or another.
date: Feb 2008
estimate: 100

Bullets made in support of gun amnesty and street crime 2008 Owning your bullet supports your views on gun amnesty & regard for your own and others lives by safe guarding your bullet with your name written on...

to be sold by auction March 6 2008 as part of artBid4Ken fund-raising for Ken Livingstone's re-election as Mayor of London