this is not a suitcase


this is NOT a suitcase


A national voice press release:

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), Barnardo's and Tate Britain have joined to support A National Voice's third catwalk fashion show on 27 October for its 'This is not a suitcase' campaign.

The campaign, which A National Voice has been running for the past two years, is a protest against the practice of using bin bags to move children's belongings with them from home to home and when they leave care.

Already the campaign has had considerable success with more than 50 social services departments signing up to provide the children in their care with suitcases.

The third catwalk fashion show will be hosted by SCIE, Barnardo's and Tate Britain (where the show will be held) and a number of celebrities and charity chief executives will model outfits made from bin bags.

Andrea McLean, presenter on GMTV; Louise Brady, 'Mechaniballs' presenter on BBC2; Anjula Mutanda, psychologist on 'This morning' on ITV1; Channel 4's 'A Place in the Sun' presenter Amanda Lamb; and Lara Lewington, Channel 5 weather presenter, will model outfits, as will chief executives from major UK charities, such as Clare Tickell from NCH and Felicity Collier from BAAF.

The outfits have been designed by well-known designers and artists such as Frank Usher and Abigail Fallis. Students at the London College of Fashion have also worked hard on producing the bin bag clothing. The artist Gavin Turk will also be attending the event.

A number of high-profile policy makers and opinion formers will attend the fashion show including Lord Laming and Minister for Children, Maria Eagle MP.

National Coordinator of A National Voice and care leaver, Maxine Wrigley, MBE, said:

"We have already had some considerable success with this campaign, but there are still a lot more local authorities who are yet to sign up to the 'No bin bag' charter. It is absolutely unacceptable that children and young people are moved between care placement with only a bin bag to carry their belongings. We must treat these children in the same way we would wish to be treated - with respect. We must show them that we do not think they are rubbish - providing them with suitcases is a simple and inexpensive way we can do this."

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