William Blake-Visionary Anarchist

William Blake-Visionary Anarchist

02 August 2012

"Human thought is crush'd beneath the iron hand of Power..."

A group show in the Freedom Gallery of work inspided by Blake. Artists include: Matthew Couper, Ben Seymour, Matthew Hyland, Marlowe Chan-Reeves, Yvette Byrd, Max Reeves, Niall McDevitt, Lois Olmstead, Micalef, Helen Elwes, Joel Tomlin, Felicitas Aga, Adam Grey, Peter Bond, Cameron Bain, Nicolai Kozin, Julie Goldsmith, Howard Grange, G.O.D. photography, Zoe Young, Mark Rathnall, Tracey Moberly, John Riordan, Ben Watson, Leigh Martin, Denise Kum, David Beales, Adam Dant, John Crow, Katie Kaos, Jill Rock, Heathcote Williams, David Mitchell and found stuff on William and Catherine's tombstone...

Opening Event on Thusaday 2nd August from 6.30 -9.30

There Will be music, poetry and other fun. ALL WELCOME!!!!!

Till we have built Jerusalem...