LABEL - Family old, Family new, who am I?
Tate Britain The Great British Art Debate

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Great British Art Debate - Family Matters

Family Old, Family New, Who Am I?

24 November 2012

Tate Britain
Saturday 24th November 2012
13.00pm- 17.00pm

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Tate Collective have curated a series of innovative workshops designed to challenge what it means to be an artist in Britain today. Join contemporary artists, special guest DJ's and performers to explore perceptions of creative identity and Britishness.

Amidst throbbing bass lines and crowd mayhem, LABEL will explore the one question that has intrigued mankind for centuries: "Who am I?"

Come and work with leading urban creatives and illustrators to contribute to a giant collaborative artwork that will transform the facade of Tate Britain.

Represent your super-talented self and take away a portrait taken by our photographer.

Join the guerilla mosaics workshop to re-think emblems of nationhood and questions of British identity.

Or...see yourself up close and personal in Tate Britain's Duveen Galleries and become part of our specially commissioned contemporary artist's new interactive work.

This event will be FREE, no need to book. More information will follow shortly."