An Exhibition By Tracey Moberly and Bill Drummond

Press release [english] [russian pdf]

DEATH & DESIRE is a joint exhibition by the Welsh artist Tracey Moberly and the Scottish artist Bill Drummond and exhibited in Russian, English and the universal language of imagery. Drummond deals with the Death aspect and Moberly with Desire.

Tracey's work is split into three individual interweaving sections. The first a triptych consisting of three large 2.5m x 1m ink on canvas sonograms or sound portraits each an individual of three different womens orgasms from three different countries. The next section is a poem made into an installation called 'Pillow Talk' where each word of the poem is translated into Russian cylliric and individually crafted onto over 100 pillow cases and installed as if 'Airing ones clean (not dirty) laundry in public'. The poem contains an undertow with a twist intimating abuse, which leads the audience into the next section. This is a film called 'VDAY UNTIL THE VIOLENCE STOPS' a movement that grew out of the Vagina Monologues shown in Russia for the first time. Actresses from the Vagina Monologues play will be doing a short performance in the gallery on the opening night.

Bill's work for this exhibition began following the death of two close friends within months of each other. After one of the funerals he felt that the event did not reflect the man and wasn't a celebration of his dead friend's life. He therefore decided that he wanted to encourage people to think of their funeral as the last creative act they could give to their bereaved, the friends and family that they are leaving behind. invites people to do that asking people to be challenging or fun in what they want from their last creative act. The work consists of a text painting announcing what he is doing, with the launch of the Russian language website 'Prepare To Die' on He will also be taking the work out of the gallery by putting flyers and posters around Moscow in cafes and bars.

Tracey Moberly is a political artist based in London. Her most recent exhibitions this year have been in Venezuela, Mexico and London. She also works in the medium of radio and television. See

Bill Drummond, over the decades has used various means to investigate and converse with the cultural landscape. These investigations and conversations have found expression via the written word, pop music and actions. See

Death & Desire is open from 5 - 29 July 2006 at
M'Ars Gallery
5, Pushkarev side-street
107045 Moscow
p +7 (095) 923 6690
f +7 (095) 923 6690
Opening Night:
Wednesday 5th July 2006 7-10pm

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