a joint exhibition involving 5 artists:
Tracey Moberly
Dunstan Bruce
Danny Pockets
Jaime Rory Lucy
Moira Minguella

TEXT-ME-UP-FIVE exhibition photographs...
TEXT-ME-UP-FIVE opening night photographs...
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The artists explore the world of text messaging from unique angles.

The exhibition opens at:
The Foundry
86, Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JL
(Old Street Tube)
Thursday 4th - 21st May 2006
Opening event Thursday 4th May 6-9pm
Opening times:
Tues-Fri 4.30-11pm
Sat 2.30-11pm
Sun 2.30-10.30pm
closed Mondays

For more information:
tel: 07951608787
em: text-me-up-5 at foundry.tv

Tracey Moberly

Tracey is using 'TEXT-ME-UP-5' to redefine the language and intimation of text between the sexes. This is her 5th version of 'TEXT-ME-UP!' exhibitions, all previously solo shows with invited interactions. The artist has saved and documented every text that she has received since 1999.

Tracey has two bodies of work in this exhibition. 'STITCH-ME-UP-5!' consists of 5 Victorianesque samplers examining the language of intimation, inviting comparison with Victorian values and the womans' place in the 21st century.

She has used a selection of her 2005 texts from a quintessential English dandy, a Soho sex shop proprietor and banter between two nineteenth twenty-first century male artists.

A parallel is drawn between the disposable instantaneity of the text message and the meditative, solitary, ponderous, intricate craft of cross stitching.

The authors of these texts and creators of the narratives will have forgotten their disposable words.

Tracey's second piece of work in TXT-ME-UP-FIVE is a collaboration with...

Danny Pockets

Danny Pockets initiation to the world of visual engineering came circa 1974, it wasn't until 1979 however, when he became a founding member of the Universal Racket Press, that he really started paying attention. He has been doing so ever since.

His work is informed by the landscape, by the palimpsest of our surroundings, by renewal and decay: As one door opens, another one closes.

For this show he has produced a series of "Collapsing Sky" etchings, teamed up with the Universal Racket Press once again, this time in a unique new painting venture. He has also produced a collaborative work with Tracey Moberly. In 2000, unbeknown to each other, or without even knowing each other, climbing from the wreckage of disastrous relationships, the two documented every text and began exhibiting Danny at Whitechapel Open; The Business Design Centre and The Foundry, London and Tracey at The Castlefield Gallery, Manchester; The Foundry, London; The Zion Arts Centre, Manchester; 93 Feet East, London etc.

Danny & Tracey have collaborated on a visual/audio piece titled 'Waterfall Blue Laps The Passion Pink Shore...' The collaboration of texts form the basis of a play, currently being explored as a television drama. A number of radio programmes have also been broadcast of the work .

Dunstan Bruce

Me and my mate Bono
Sage? Saviour? Puppet? Or prat?
A collection of intimate and illuminating text messages received from Bono Vox, lead singer of U2.

Dunstan Bruce, ex vocalist and member of anarcho pop cabaret troupe Chumbawamba continues his fascination with all things Bono. Trying to mix pop and politics is like walking on a knife edge. Having been vilified for daring to involve one with the other Dunstan is fascinated in seeing how Bono has attempted to marry the two. interested in the contradictions, problems and hypocritical nature of someone so rich and powerful pressing flesh with mass murderers, warmongers and the corrupt and corpulent big business bosses bono swings from brave campaigner to naïve puppet. Inspired in part by the work of Aleksander Mitic and Tony Dosen on their website http://www.bonothepuppet.com Dunstan has decided to show the world his many and varied text messages received from Bono Vox in an attempt to get to the bottom of what makes bono tick. Pompous pious prick or playful polymath/ Or both?

Jaime Rory Lucy

Jaime Rory Lucy. Video artist and V.J has worked with: Synergy, Orbital, Exit festival, Bollywood Brass Band among many, many others.

Here he presents his new work; 'From Plato to Nato.'

Moira Minguella

Moira Minguella's Messaging Service is generously supporting this exhibition with the supply of an interactive texting facilities for the duration of the show. Ms Minguella has also promised to make a personal appearance and will make herself available for a limited number of press interviews. We are extremely grateful for her agreement to participate in this exhibition.

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