Agnes Part One


Agnes Part One

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51:31N 00:05W No. 10 Agnes... part 1 by Tracey Moberly at bookartbookshop 17, Pitfield Street, London N1 09 November 2006 - 15 January 2007

51:31N 00:05W is a series of posters curated by Richard Makin and commissioned by Tanya Peixoto, director of bookartbookshop, for the shop's exterior wall. the project's title consists of the map coordinates within which the wall stands. The sequence began in October 2004, and has presented works by Sarah jacobs, Brigid McLeer, London Fieldworks, Lucy Harrison, Wendy Mszyca, Nikola Mijovic, Mirtha Dermisache & Danny Pockets.

51:31N 00:05W is a one-page periodical, an ephemeral broadsheet. Contributors draw from their responses to the host area, interacting with the vicinity to consider the correspondences it suggests. Memories and experiences are condensed from the local environment and researches made into the site's history, it's position within broader alignments, tangible or uncanny. Each outsized page is a catchment sheet for the local static, a splicing together of word and place

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