in arcadia


in arcadia

tactileBOSCH Studios Cardiff 30 march - 22 april 2007

opening night photos...

' Within the sphere of the old comes the new to awaken the dormant & forgotten. Both the substance & spirit search for their home in defiance at the rational order coming forth in paint to grope the senses and devour the ego'. GP/ 06

'IN ARCADIA' is an exhibition denoting the authenticity of painting as a remnant of the past and the detritus it claims for the future. 15 painters take Arcadian Rhythms as a post-operative replica of reality, a metaphysical paradise, the conceptual state of flux within & the artist's need to exist tethered with an esoteric mooring however tight.

'And you know when you dig up the past all you get is dirty!'

IN ARCADIA opens @ tactileBOSCH @ 6.30pm on 30 th March 2007

Artists: Iwan Bala, Alan Rees-Baynes, Isabelle Borges, Bryce Davies, Matt Duncan [NYC], Jens Hausmann [Berlin], Elizabeth Kresch [NYC], Tracey Moberly [London], Sara Moffatt [Los Angeles], Robert Pepperell, Graham Phillips, Will Roberts, Andre Stitt, Anne Ziegler & Mark Thomas