In Defence of Surrealism

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In Defence of Surrealism

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An Exhibition By:

Tim Dewhurst - 'Dame & A-Dress Inside'
Patricio Forrester - 'You are a kunt'
Tracey Moberly - 'Sittin' Pissin'...'
Richard Niman - 'The Wanderer'
Grassy Noel - 'The Great Banana in the Sky'
Domonic Penrose - 'Kiss Me'
Louis Penrose - 'Sock'
Jill Rock - I Am Not A Surrealist'
Guy Smallman - 'In Defence of Surrealism Montage'
Mark Thomas - 'Banners a-go-go'
Elizia Volkman - 'You are not a Dog Man'

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Dancon1 & Pete Stormcrow