star spangled sinners


star spangled sinners

by Tracey Moberly and Gordon McHarg

the ultimate in decadence or addiction takes an extreme look into the arts, music, performance and media worlds of decadent partying excess. . .

The artist Tracey Moberly heightens awareness of the 'silent epidemic' of hepatitis C (hcv) as it is officially estimated to have infected 200,000 people in the UK (four times as many as hiv) and 100 people per week are being infected. This in conjunction with the rise in the use of the social 'party' drug cocaine is seeing hepatitis C (which as yet has no cure) increasingly being spread by social drug use.

Contamination happens by blood from the nasal epithelium, caused by the corrosive alkaline nature of the drug when people share a rolled up note or cut down straw to ingest the white lines of powder through the nose.

Tracey has designed and cast a series of short straws complete with their own line to convey concern over the 'silent epidemic'. Each straw is engraved with an individual line of a poem along the length of the short straw and when exhibited together the twist in this section of the exhibition becomes apparent as the poem warns of the risks in the social aspects of contracting hepatitis C through nasal drug ingestion. The straws are for sale individually, with thirty-six straws making a comlete poem. A limited edition of ten poems have been made. Straws with different inscriptions can be made to order.

Long silver champagne straws form a part of the exhibition with quirky upbeat slogans engraved into them such as 'author of my life...' Each of these straws is made in a limited edition of ten.

The 'Ladies What Luncheon' diaries are another proactive part to this exhibition.The luncheon diary starts from 26th November 2004 and runs until 1st January 2006. Each luncheon day the diary gives a topic to discuss over the lunch. Loose discussion can form around the topic and may swing in many directions. A transcript is requested by email from the particular luncheon dates and people you have 'lunched' with. These will be compiled into a book format and will also be made into a series of radio programmes and possibly a 'one off' television programme. You are all invited to participate and can submit any amount of luncheon date sagas. . .

email: luncheon at from 26th November 2004

hcv epidemic's here

hcv epidemic's here
around for a while...
new designer diss-ease
full of debauched guile

a vacuous occurrance
you socially 'drug-it'
fit in with your crowd
augmenting speech & wit

pass around a note
or is it a plastic straw
the white powder will...
see the ice maiden thaw

in most cases it's ...
'vim-talc' special mix
skin up in a few hours
think you've got your fix?

look out honey ...
the nasal epithelium
blood on blood contact
your induced delirium ...

corrosive alkalines work
blood becomes a feature
Trying to remember ...
your first cocaine teacher

you socially 'drug-it'
more tempted by quick sex
a vacuous occurrance
you'll reach the apex

you could fall in lust
then share a tattoo
share a razor blade
a toothbrush will do

hcv epidemic's here
around for a while
new designer diss-ease
full of debauched guile

Nov 04 - Jan 05
Nancy Victor Gallery
36, Charlotte Street, London W1
London W1