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South Wales Argus Tracey Sanders-Wood Art: Politician model Benn's voice in the frame Thursday 5th May 2005
It's surprising nobody's thought of it before - Tony Benn the animated Labour grandee as a piece of modern art. Tracey Moberly 40, born at Gilfach near Blackwood and who graduated from Newport Art College in 1985 got the idea of immortalising the politician in one of her 'sonogram and voice portraits' after he did a slot on her South London (East London - ed.) radio show. Tracey, whose maiden name is Wood, went to Heolddu Comprehensive in Bargoed where her over-riding love was art. After graduating from Newport with a first-class honours degree in fine art she went to Manchester to read for an MA and is currently studying for her doctorate with Manchester Metropolitan University. "I live in Hoxton South London (East London - ed.) where I run a gallery-cum-cafe (gallery-cum-bar - ed.) called the Foundry. I'm involved in a South London (East London - ed.) radio show where Tony Benn made a guest appearance and I asked him if I could make a voice portrait of him. "I was really pleased when he said he would. There are three pictures under the general heading of Power entitled Missiles, Miners and Monarchy, all part of an exhibition which runs until May 18. "He's a lovely man and I approve of his politics. he has no problem at all relating to much younger people through radio and art." Photo: (c) Paul Matheson Photo Captions: (1)Tony Benn guest stars on Tracey Moberly's South London radio show (2) PLEASED:Tracey Moberly