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Geoff Leong joins forces again with the dynamic artist-curator duo Vanya Balogh and Cedric Christie to support this years non-profit exhibition 'WE COULD NOT AGREE' which is held in the 20,000 Sq ft multi storey Q-Park car park beneath Cavendish Square. Featuring over 100 artists in a circular venue, this annual event likes to challenge, entice and entertain all art lovers and visitors. This satellite fair held during Frieze Week is open to the public for 6 consecutive days, it features diverse work in the medium of sculpture, film, photography, painting and site specific interventions, including performative talks and live presentations, with a deliberate feeling for unpredictability and curiosity. Both emerging and established artists are present throughout the event. Tracey Moberly was invited to take part as both curator and artist

Tracey Moberly Curator:

Tracey Moberly - Artist, Author & Activist. An associate lecturer at UAL, she lectures in both Art and Politics. Practicing as a Socio-Political Artist. Recent exhibitions: Sheffield Millennium Gallery; Tate Modern (The Tanks) & Tate Britain. Her last book 'Text-Me-Up!' is based on saving every text she's ever received.

Tracey Moberly Artist:

Text-Me-Me-Up-Sex-Drugs&Rock'n'Roll #6

Text-Me-Me-Up-Sex-Drugs&Rock'n'Roll #6 ... is the sixth in the series of Text-Me-Up! exhibitions by Tracey Moberly . The exhibitions are taken from her book Text-Me-up! and are based on every text message Tracey received since her first in 1999. The book is available on Amazon.

Sex fills me with germs
Drugs fill me with doubt
Rock'n'roll fills me with hope x
Aiden Shaw 13-07-09

Maché konyen anvayim ak java
Dwòg fèm pèdi bonnanj mwen
Miskito plen kèm ak lespwa

The text message received from ex-porn star and author Aiden Shaw is worked in the Haitian language Creole and is in three parts.

Text-Me-Me-Up-Sex-Drugs&Rock'n'Roll #6 has been created over a decade. This series of texts from Tracey's friends focuses on sex, drugs & rock'n'roll. The first part of the full exhibition has been created in traditional Victorian silk embroidery. The second part was created in the Haitian tradition of Voodoo flag making when Tracey was exhibiting and working in Haiti. These were created with Voodoo flag maker Ketty in Bel Air, Port-Au-Prince. Working on a project with mobile phones as part of the first Ghetto Biennale, Tracey combined the Lwa, the gods which form the Voodoo Pantheon, with the text messages. Notably in this imagery Papa Legba (guardian of the crossroads) and Ibo Lèlè (guardian of customs and of flags).

Others friends texts in this series of the full exhibition include Bill Drummond – artist & ex-KLF musician; Howard Marks (Mr. Nice) – author & drugs smuggler; Mark Thomas – political comedian, John Sinclair – ex-MC5 manager & founder of the White Panther movement; Larry Love – Lead singer of Alabama 3 & the Sopranos theme tune ....