power in the blood

power in the blood

A socio-demographic arts project created by community members in Port-au-Prince, Haiti using MOBILOGRAPHY

Mobilography (from "mobilis" (lat.) - movable and "grapho" (gr.) - to write) is a branch of photography that creates pictures using devices with built-in cameras, such as cellular phones, palm pilots, compasses, binoculars, lighters, etc, not originally intended to be used for professional photography.

The mobile phone industry has revol­ution­ised the globe in terms of instant and cheap communication with vast social and political outcomes. Less than a decade ago the 'text messaging era' slowly crept into some societies. In more recent years text messages are being superseded by the mobilographic image. A photograph on a mobile phone used to convey the statement or message that an otherwise long winded text might once have done. As technology has advanced so has the built in camera facilities within the mobile phone that enables the user to do this. Mobilography* creates a visual language which captures symbols and works of art in your immediate environment.

Working with a generational populus of varying ages from 14 years upwards participants included:

Saradia Eugene
Camesuze Hondesir
Evens Simeon
Claude Sentius
Marco Leon
Simeon Stevens
Ralf Saintelus
Louis Alex
Innocent Londel
Golycarpe Raune

They documented the duration of The Ghetto Biennale incorporating everyday life from imagery of new babies to vodou ceremonies developing a complete socio-demographic art form that can be used to represent and further archive that exact space and time in a democratic context. This project is ongoing.