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A monthly writing workshop held at the Hackney Empire, run by Jan Woolf and Susana Medina.

We are establishing a group for fiction writers whose work engages with the image or the visual arts; whether using the image as a writing trigger, writing about art (painting, installation, sculpture), visual art processes or work that is enriched by visual imagery. This wouldn't be for art writing or criticism - but may be of interest to some critics. The emphasis will be on exploration of the writing craft, the process of live editing and debate on writing and the image.

Moulding the Hackney Empire into a writing centre that answers the desires and needs of participating writers, we will be able to decide which workshops are held as intimate meetings and which as public events.

We are meeting on the second Tuesday of every month from 7-9. The dates are: March 10, April 14, May 12, June 9 and July 14.

Speakers to date are:

10th March: Tracey Moberly, socio-political artist and activist working within a multitude of disciplines & Sue Hubbard, author of Rothko's Red and Other Stories and regular art critic for The New Statesman and The Independent. Event open to the public: 5 as a one off.

14th April: Isabel del Ro, author of The Doubt, has published short stories and poetry in both English and Spanish, and recently received several Farrago awards as a performance poet, & bilingual author Susana Medina (see below). Event open to the public: 5 as a one off.

12th May: Short-stories: Karen Whiteson & Jan Woolf (see below)

9th June: To be confirmed.

14th July: Ruth Boswell, director of Muswell Press, TV and drama producer and author of Out of Time.

JAN WOOLF is writer in residence at the Hackney Empire where her play Porn Crackers has been performed and director of Muswell Press. This workshop builds on her own experience of the 'Writing the Visual' MA at Norwich School of Art and Design in 2007 and will enhance the Empire's emerging identity as a writers centre.

SUSANA MEDINA is an award-winning bilingual author(Philosophical Toys, Red Tales and Souvenirs from the Accident) who has written extensively on the arts, occasionally indulging in visual work. Her PhD, Borgesland, explores imaginary spaces in J. L. Borges's oeuvre. www.susanamedina.net

The cost is 75 for five sessions (it includes wine, beer, room hire and management). Places are limited. Bookings are first come, first served so book early to reserve your place. If you want to book a place on this workshop, all you have to do is give us a call or simply drop us an email:

Jan Woolf, janwoolf@hotmail.com, 07967 161 291 Susana Medina, susanamedina@btinternet.com, 02084509277

Hospitality Room Hackney Empire 291 Mare St London, E8 1EJ 020 85104500

Transport: Hackney Central (British Rail)