Svengali - The Pilots

Svengali - The Pilots

2009 / Wannabe rock impresario Dixie Dean takes on the London music biz in this internet based comedy. A series of nine webisodes of between twelve minutes duration. The series should not be confused with "Svengali the Movie" by Jonathan Owen.

Starring Jonathan Owen, Roger Evans, Sally Phillips, Alan Mcgee, Jodie Whitaker, Sean Harris, Colin Tierny, Ciaran Griffiths, Michelle Gomez, Martin Freeman, Matt Berry, Boy George, Jordan Long, Eddie Pillar, Bonehead, Maggot, Gavin Bain, Carl Barat, Tracey Moberly and many others.

Written by Dean Cavanagh, Directed and Co-Produced by Philip John. Co-produced and starring Jonathan Owen.

Produced for the web by Burn After Listening Ltd. DP Jon Bloom // Operator Adrian O Toole, David Goodfield, Philip John, Andrew Owen // Sound Mick Duffield // Editor Paul Endacott.

Text by Phil John

I produced the promotional stills for Svengali - The Pilots, introduced some characters and scenarios for the writer Dean Cavanagh to create some of the Svengali pilot episodes. I provided location and format for two episodes on my radio show with Jonathan Moberly The Foundry Late Late Breakfast Show, which went out live as our regular radio show and filmed at the same time as two fictional episodes of the series. I was also written in to appear as myself in each episode.

Tracey Moberly

svengali.150 Svengali episode 3

svengali5.150 Svengali episode 5

svengali_8.150 Svengali episode 8