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raymond_coca_cola_cover.gif Coca-Cola
Une déduction confirmée en mai 2004 à l'occasion d'une exposition d'affiches publicitaires allemandes dans une galerie d'art londonienne(1). Imaginée par Mark Thomas et Tracey Sanders-Wood, la manifestation visait à épingler la politique Sanders-Wood, la manifestation visait à épingler la politique de la Compagnie en la confrontant à d'éventuelles collusions avec le IIIe Reich. La démarche ayant du retentissement, Coca-Cola, à travers son porte-parole britannique, dut affirmer sa position. Habilement, Tim Wilkinson déplaça le débat sur le terrain de l'injure: "Nous rejetons de mani[è]re véhémente toute suggestion qu'en tant que compagnie Coca-Cola ait jamais sympathisé d'une quelconque manière aux actes répugnants ou aux politiques du régime nazi en Allemagne(2)."

Wilkinson alla plus loin en rélélant que "Coca-Cola avait versé de l'argent aux fonds de compensation des victimes de travaux forcés sous le régime nazi. Non pas comme admission de sa culpabilité mais par solidarité de corporation."


Seule la formule de Richard Niman(3) me paraît avoir désormais un sens. Commentant une exposition d'affiches publicitaires de Coke datant de l'époque hitlérienne, l'artiste anglais en avait résumé l'importance en déclarant: "Normalement, cela devrait embarrasser Coca-Cola."
Personnellement, je n'en espère pas plus.

1. Coca-Cola's Nazi Adverts
2. The Independant, 26 mai 2004
3. Sculpteur britannique. Son oeuvre représentant Adolf Hitler en petite fille tenant une poupée est exposée au Imperial War Musieum de Londres. http://www.richardniman.co.uk/index3.html
Jan 06
forsale_t.gif 5 magazine, curated by Gavin Turk
featuring work by artist as Tracey Sanders-Wood and Moira Minguella
Moira: "Our intrepid photographers caught up with them flitting through China Whites, the Colony Rooms, the Met Bar, the Foundry, Zilli's, Groucho's and The Ivy. Hailed by a storm of Paparazzi snappers and film-makers the unsuspecting duo then set off to an undisclosed destination after a threat of migraine from the incessant dazzling flashes of the cameras..."

Tracey: "'Her heart's still open.' The slope where her sweetheart's BURIED with his baby heart. His other young heart beat forever, on and on. Art heart BEAT, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.....BEAT forever....."
Aug 04
Sic.gif SIC - Adventures in Anti-Capitalism
featuring work by artist as Tracey Sanders-Wood and Moira Minguella
"The scars appeared to heal as quickly as they grew, I'd wait on the end of a phone line simply waiting for God to tell me whether I was going to live or die, God was always a woman with a number of different dialects sat in a hospital office on the other end of my phone line......."
Sep 02
Idler.gif The Idler - Everybody Loves a Fool

"The final act as part of our week long Moscow Trail inspired by the names of Cold War Nuclear warheads, was the sowing of poppy seeds in Red Square (the tolerance of Kremlin Guards was tested prior to this with night fireworks infront of Lenin's tomb..."
Sep 00
NavTerror.gif Navigating the Terror
Contributions by Tracey Sanders-Wood
"The Indigo Hammer Affair hit every major and minor popular, cultural and mainline news network..."
Jul 00
Stalk.gif Stalk
Written with Sue Hubbard
"Transposing private places, gestures and routines a fetishistic activity from an anonymous encounter explores our everyday experience of fantasy and dreams..."
Sep 99
Battleinvain.gif Give Battle In Vain
Co-written with Prof John Hyatt
"Green Granite - Two stage nuclear warhead using lithium 6 deuteride as a thermonuclear component and a Red Beard warhead acting as the nuclear trigger..."
Apr 99
InnovTradition.gif Innovation and Tradition - Fine Arts in Manchester
"and just finished breast feeding for him it was within that week the other and what was it called? opiated more (and more) At ten o'clock we get up and the music starts..." Racy Talker Tracey Sanders-Wood & Karl Harris
Feb 99