'Bermuda Blue Laps at The Passion Pink Shore...'

by Tracey Moberly and Danny Pockets

The renowned Duke and Duchess Of Text Messaging, have individually been working with the medium of the text message in a variety of artistic forms since 1998....

Words and narratives are combined from their multitude of text message journals, giving birth to a new linguistic meaning and form.

Pocket's and Moberly's intriguing work reflects a strong social comment on todays society. BBC's Radio Ulster recently alluded to the piece as a 21st-Century rejoinder to Samuel Beckett's 'Not I'.

Outdoor projection in Hastings July 2007 as part of "Shot By The Sea" film festival

An exhibition of installations and ongoing events dedicated to digital culture and new media during the festival week. Established and emerging film, video and sound artists delve into the possibilities of scale and communication, scrutinising the stories we share, the messages we whisper and the words we shout, small thoughts and we can't leave unsaid and images we project before the dark night skies.