Pinter Residency Launch

Pinter Residency Launch

Hackney Empire

16 June, hospitality suite, 6pm

Hackney Emprie invites you and a guest to the launch of the Pinter Resideency, the new writer in residency programme named in honour of Harold Pinter - a famous son of Hackney and champion of Hackney Empire. In the company of Lady Antonia Fraser and Michael Billington, the evening will also include the renaming of the Hackney Empire Hospitality Suite to the Harold Pinter Room and compimentary tickets to the play Commercial Road at 7.30pm.

Speakers include:
- Simon Thomsett CEO of Hackney Empire
- Michael Billington, reviewer with The Guardian and author of The Life and Work of Harold Pinter
- Jan Woolf holder of the Pinter Residency 2009

Hackney Emprire Hospitality Suite, 291 Mare St, London, E8 1EJ

Please RSVP by Friday 12 June to
jennie.jackques [at]
stating if you wish to attend both the launch and Commercial Road

Accompanying art works by Peter Kennard,
with an installation by Tracey Moberly and Danny Pockets.

'Bermuda Blue Laps at The Passion Pink Shore...' by Tracey Moberly & Danny Pockets

The renowned Duke and Duchess Of Text Messaging, have individually been working with the medium of the text message in a variety of artistic forms since 1998....

Words and narratives are combined from their multitude of text message journals, giving birth to a new linguistic meaning and form.

Pocket's and Moberly's intriguing work reflects a strong social comment on todays society. BBC's Radio Ulster recently alluded to the piece as a 21st-Century rejoinder to Samuel Beckett's 'Not I'.