coca cola's nazi adverts

coca cola's nazi adverts

Nothing looks as innocent as a bottle of Coke, yet the company has a history of working with The Nazis. For instance, Coca Cola GmbH (Coke Germany) sponsored the 1936 German Olympics and advertised in the Nazi press. It therefore seemed fitting that this relatively unknown part of the company's history should receive some attention. Unlike many of their other "historic" campaigns, Coke has been reluctant to display their 1930's German advertising to the public. Tracey Sanders-Wood and I have invited contributions to this art exhibition on the theme of Coca Cola in nazi Germany. The initial brief was to imagine what their adverts might have looked like, but the range of entries received developed that theme much further. The show is democratic, so if a work was submitted, it will be exhibited. Why do "Coca Cola's Nazi Adverts?" To embarrass, educate and elucidate. Fanta Macht Frei as they nearly said.
mark thomas

>> press release (june 2004)
>> participating artists (june 2004)

launch photographs
Dom, Mosow October 2006
Museum of Popular Power, Caracas, Venezuela January 2006
Americas Social Forum, Quito, Ecuador July 2004
Galería Mar, Colombia June 2004
Tony Benn visits the Nazi Coke show June 2004
Foundry, London June 2004
Nancy Victor Gallery, London May 2004

Exhibition venues (UK):
Nancy Victor Gallery, London (May 2004)
Foundry, London (June 2004)
Tricycle Gallery, London (July 2004)
Pogo Cafe, London (April - June 2005)

Touring venues in Colombia and Ecuador:

Galeria Mar Av 32 No 13 - 45, donde permanecerá durante dos semanas. Bogotá. Colombia (June 2004)
Americas Social Forum Quito, Ecuador (July 2004)
Festival Somos Sudacas (Protest against the closure of INRAVISION (Public TV and Radio Station) (August 2004)
Barrancabermeja University (November 2004)
Bucaramanga University (November 2004)
Thursdays of Solidarity at ECOPETROL (support for USO (Oil workers Union) (December 2004)
Alternative Media Conference (Universidad Industrial de Santander) (May 2005)
National University of Bogota (June 2005)
Nacional Assembly of Victims (Tequendama Hotel) June 2005
Launching of Publication "Pueblo and Territorio" Teatro Seki Sano (July 2005)
University of Andes (Week about Mns and human rights) (August 2005)